Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #14 - Acrylic Art Explorations

In this daily sketch journal I thought it would be cool to do some acrylic art and just have fun slapping lots of paint on paper and seeing what occurs. Some mixed results here. Lets take a look.
Sometimes it's just best to paint stuff quick and see what happens.

acrylic art idea
A quick Demon head with an inspired fly mouth type idea.

A screaming demon head idea that needs to be re-drawn and more detail added

acrylic demon skull art
A skull painted on wood as an idea

acrylic art exploration
A single thought on what would Kermit the Frog look like with exploding eyes...still needs some work 
acrylic art exploration
Acrylic skull art with black and white acrylic paint blended together to make a grey color