Monday, 19 July 2010

Pencil Shading A Drawing - Watch The Video Example

Pencil shading drawings help to add depth to a flat drawing and if you have drawn a design or a drawing of something with a black inking pen, then it will look slightly flat, so shading it could be a good idea and so with the following video I wanted to go through this process of shading a drawing and what to do to determine your light sources so that you can create effective shading on your art.

In the drawing video I do tend to ramble on a bit, but I hope I explined myself clearly about the important process of shading with pencil tone ranges. The drawing example is of a demonic creature that I inked with a fine liner gel ink pen and rubbed out all of the old pencil sketch lines as I didn't want them interfering wih the pencil shading.

Effective pencil shading is achieved when you build up from the darkest pencil grade (B) right up to the lightest (H) so really doing this in stages is the best way of shading any drawing.

Watch the video which shows you how to shade a drawing.....