Thursday, 17 June 2010

Daily Sketch - Vampire Faces

Sketching vampire faces has been another sketch favourite and I do like to vary the faces to mix things up a little and with todays sketches I have drawn some classic vampire faces that range from a woman vampire to a man vampire and I even drew a vampire skull too just for added inspirations.

Vampires in most films, the makers of them films usually make the vampires a romantic figure of interest but I think that's just balls as you want the vampires to be vicious and nasty creatures of the night, not some love sick pasty faced teenager vampire, you want them to look the part or not at all. In the film 30 Days of Night, those are real vampires, no talk of meeting the family for some dinner or tea, it's off with the humans heads because we are hungry and who cares about the mess we make.

This one was fairly generic as a vampire drawing and as such I wanted it to reflect a typical vampire with the classic fangs at the top and bottom of the jaws.

Update - Here is the vampire drawing inked sketch....

The woman vampire I wanted to make it slightly demonic vampire with it's longer fangs with all the teeth and a much longer face which looks kind of cool, so take a look....

Update - Here is the inked vampire drawing, so you can see it slightly clearer....

And with the last quick sketch I just wanted to draw a vampire skull with the classic vampires fangs, so you can also see how that turned out below, these sketches took me 10 minutes for all 3 sketches, so get sketching and come up with some good sketch ideas.

Update - Here is the inked version of this vampire skull demon drawing....

Also see How to draw a Vampires Castle for a way of drawing a classic old vampire castle.

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