Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Concept Art Drawing: How To Draw A Skull Tattoo

Drawing a skull tattoo is something that I have done numerous times and it's a type of drawing or deisgn that I enjoy, much like the demon designs, every skull tattoo can be drawn differently and to a set design. I a recent drawing I decided to do a quick video series to illustrate how easy it is to draw a skull tattoo, although this was just the rough concept and the end result isn't the finished drawing as it will need to be cleared up if I ever made it into a proper tattoo design, but the idea is there for all to see.

The drawing videos are in 4 parts and so here's the first video, which is the first sketches of the skull tattoo, finding my way around the design and just searching with the pencil for some good strong lines that look good, the draft sketch is the important part as it is the foundation of your drawing, so work it all out on paper first.

The second video was spent developing the skull design further from that initial draft sketch and in the video I shave the top portion of the skulls head down, because it looked too long and I make other small design tweaks here and there, so that the skull tattoo looks a bit better and it starts to come together now, with some areas of shading and darker pencil lines added, as you can see in the following drawing video.....

The third drawing video is spent drawing some fire, blood and tribal spikes around the skulls head to add some extra elements to the design.

You could add what you want to at this point, just fire, or just blood, it's up to you, design choices exist for you to take them.

Watch the 3rd video....

The fourth drawing video is the quick inking stage, I could have spent twice the time inking this piece, but I dodn't have time to do that and you wouldn't either( but if it is something you would want to see, then please comment below!) the idea was to ink quick with my ink pen and not worry about being too precise, the result is some amount of energy that transfers itself to the skull tattoo concept, although I will clean this drawing up and colour it.

Here is the final drawing video.....

Keep the requests coming, because I'm getting some good ideas on what videos and tutorials to create now.

Cheers everybody!