Monday, 14 June 2010

Concept Drawing: How To Draw A Hell Demon Drawing Videos

Drawing a hell demon was something that I got requested by someone over on my YouTube channel to draw and so I did a quick 2 part drawing video of me drawing a hell demon concept and in the video I draw it in a sketchy style, almost faster than lightning (ok not that fast!)

The first video is about exploring the beginnings of the Hell Demon and for a change I didn't do any talking, I thought that the drawing would speak for itself as I sketch out the figure of the Hell Demon before your very eyes. Sometimes the starting sketch needs to be worked on and this did along the way as I redrew over some lines and change them as the drawing progressed.

When trying to draw something that you have in your head and attempting to relay it on the paper takes some work as often it can go either way, well or not so well, in this case it went ok and it gave me something to work with, here is the first Hell Demon drawing video......

In the second drawing video that I filmed of me drawing a Hell Demon, I wanted to ink it in a rough and ready style that would look sketchy, but still clear enough to see what the drawing is of. I usually ink my drawings with a black gel ink pen or a fine line ink pen that is thin enough to get the fluid line weights right on your sketch drawing.

Working in a quick sketch style can help to give energy to your drawings sometimes, even if some of the lines look lazy and wrong, sketching in this way sometimes can make you free to the possibilities of your art and how you come up with art ideas in the future.

Here is the second video of drawing A Hell Demon......

I hope you got something out of this inspirational drawing video two parter and once again if there are any other things you would like me to draw and on video or as an article, then drop us a line in the comments box below.....
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  1. Michael Phoenix10 July 2010 at 10:57

    AWESOME JEESE YOU HAVE TALENT!!!! I was wondering if you had time to make a video on how you decide where to put shadings and stuff it would help me alot if you had the time! Thanks for posting your art it kicks ass!!! :)

  2. Hey thanks Michael!

    Sure I'll have a go at doing a drawing video that involves shading, so that you can see how to do shading on something that you draw.

    Cheers for the comment and thanks for the request!


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