Saturday, 6 March 2010

What Pencils To Use?

When it comes to pencils for drawing I use almost any type, from the Derwent range to the Mars Lumograph pencils and even sometimes the cheap pencils for 10p each, but lately I've been using mechanical pencils, because of their ease to use and you never have to sharpen them, although you do have to re-fill with new lead every now and then, but I find that mechanical pencils really are the best when it comes to sketching as they have a fine point that is ideal for drawing.

There is no specific make that I use, because I use any, even the cheap ones, I have occasionaly bought the bic range of mechanical pencils, but when I can buy a box of 15 for £1 then I will do that to save some money, I do find though that cheap pencils sometimes can leave cheap looking pencil marks when you start ti draw and by cheap pencil marks I mean those annoying ones where you try to draw and they end up almost crumbling and leaving varied tone on your paper and that is not on.

I find the paper mate lead refills great for most mechanical pencils and particularly as they are 0.5mm which is usually the standard for mech pencils, though what you've got to be carefulabout is dropping your mech pencils as the lead breaks very easily, so if you have some kids who thinks it's funny to throw around pencils like my kids, then hide them and give them cheap ass pencils to play with, that's what I do.

Whatever pencils you choose to use, just make sure they deliver great results, out of interest, what pencils do you use?