Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Draw A Vampire

Been busy on youtube for awhile creating some new videos and a couple of them in how to draw a vampires head and so in the first video I draw up a storm rather quickly with a short video on going through the process of drawing a vampires head.

Drawing quite quickly you can sketch some good vampire heads, so if you want to do that before you start the actual vampire drawing, just to get an idea for a particular way that the head of the vampire will face, I did a fornt facing vampire head which is a good one to do because you can show all the face and features.

Here's the first drawing video...

In the second drawing video I wanted to see a progression of the original drawing so that it looked like it was evolving and gaining some depth on the face, this is achieved through a combination of shading and darkening the pencil lines so that the lighter lines will fade out and eventually be erased later on as they become irrelevant.

Watch this video as you see the vampire becoming more vampire like with it's fangs and the blood dripping from it's chin...