Monday, 8 March 2010

Drawing What You See

For a couple of years now, I've been really trying my best to draw what I see and take more notice of my surroundings for artistic inspirations and for now it is working as I can relate to my environment more as  a result and see things clearly now to actually try and draw what I see and that is just mindblowing, because back when I was at school I hated drawing rocks and trees and boring life based stuff, but now I can appreciate that it certainly does help to learn to draw from life.

Not only does it give you energy when walking out in the fresh air, you can see some fantastic sights if you capture them with a digital camera, even at my local park I took some fantastic snaps of just trees and the different areas of the park and it gave me a great sense of the outdoors and landscapes it filled me with enough visual ideas to draw new worlds based on my imagination and this to me is just excellent.

Here are a small collection of the photos that I took quite recently....

Drawing what you see is a useful exercise, because life is full of stuff to draw, even the mundane can be made exciting if you try to make it so, try it, take a picture of some trees or a fence and try and draw it, then see if you can make it better in some way, use it as a foundation and move on from there with your imagination, let it take you on a trip.

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