Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Scripting A Comic Book Is An Inspirational Process

In my latest hubpage, I examined the process of scripting a comic book and I did an example of a page that could be scripted which gave a good insight into the methods that I use when creating a script for a comic book, but now I thought I'd examine how you would get inspired by the project of a script and that would motivate you to create a worthwhile story or script.

First of all if you are going to draw your very own comic book, you can instantly get inspired by the quick drawings that you do for your story, I for one always draw, everyday if I can get away with it and there are numerous sketchbooks within my studio that are full up with various unfinished and finished drawings and so you can begin a story from any number of sketches that you create.

If you like movies, then you'll get a feel for the whole storytelling process and comic books are similar in a way, in that the dialogue can be as spectacular as possible but also realistic so that the characters can shine or be as dispensible as you want in terms of characters that you want to have a round for awhile versus those that you don't.

Some other ways you can inspire yourself in your scripting....

  • Reading - This is a top one as you can gather ideas from different sources and mish mash them together and come up with something new, I do this frequently for times when I get stuck with ideas, it's guaranteed to work anytime.
  • Writing Notes - Notes for this, notes for that, keep them organized though as you may find that a desk full of scraps of paper may make you look like a messy tramp who has just ransacked your own desk looking for scraps of food.
  • Watch neverending tv dramas - Tv dramas can be inspiring, even if the stories repeat somewhat with conventional soaps and family dramas, you can analyze story and narrative structure through the real life scenarios that play out and also you can get a feel for the many different characters that exist or could exist in the real world.
  • Study favourite comic books - Sometimes just sitting down with a few of your most favourite comic books you can suddenly have more ideas and more enthusiasm for your comic book scripting, the art and the writing should be studied well as a whole and separately.
Whatever way you choose to write your comic book script, you may want to try the approach of a challenge to try and see if you can create a comic book script that is spontaneously creative in many ways, Scriptfrenzy runs a competition or rather a challenge to write a 100 page script in 30 days and you may find this a good way of creating a rough comic script to work with.

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