Sunday, 11 September 2016

Paint A Spider Micro Painting

Painting a micro paint on a 7cm by 7cm canvas of a spider, the idea with a micro sized painting is to challenge yourself and paint something smaller rather than bigger. I've done a couple of these small acrylic painting challenges on my youtube channel. I posted here about a 31 Evil Clown Micro Painting

I used very cheap acrylic paints for this painting and they were purchased from which is a uk book shop that has some great budget art supplies that I always tap into.

micro painting canvas

A glaze of brown acrylic paint watered down is covered over the small canvas.

A thicker less watered down acrylic paint is used to shape the spiders body and legs, I like to keep it very loose at this stage.

A darker brown acrylic paint helps define the body of the spider and makes it more real.

paint the spider

A Crimson red glaze over the canvas which seems a bit heavy handed and probably was, but it helped create another acrylic layer over the top.

Thick black acrylic paint is added to really bring the spider creatures shape back and also correct parts of the legs I wasn't very happy with at all.

black spider painting

A nice thin glaze of yellow acrylic over the lot. And painting the eyes with a viridian green and a thick crimson red for the body of the spider. I was also thinking about some kind of texture on the body that's why there are orange watered spots on the torso.

Adding white spider webs in the background and lighter green highlights on the eyes to make them stand out more, also tried adding veins and other details on the spiders body.


Smaller yellow details behind the webbing and a little bit of under shadow on the legs and it's done.

micro painting spider

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