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Top 10 Best Selling Ink Pens For Artists

Over the years I've acquired a vast experience of using many different ink pens and the best selling ones to use are listed here with a little review for each pen. Some pens are cheaper than others, but for the most part all pens are useful and have good points in some way.

So, lets begin with a top ten of ink pens for Artists

1. Pigma Micron Pens

The first Artist pens that I want to take a look at are the Pigma Microns which come in a range of different sizes and colors too. I personally use the black fine line pens for inking as they are waterproof and fade resistant like all profession illustration pens should be. The other ones that are really cool to use are the brush pens.

Sakura 30067 8-Piece Pigma Micron Pen Set

2. Letraset Promarkers

The newest promarkers which are now called Windsor and Newton Promarkers are pretty good ink markers used for large areas of color on illustrations. Even if you find the older ones listed, they are still good markers, just a new company sponsors them. I use these marker pens for larger areas of coloring for my illustrations and the colors are very bright and varied and you can over layer several shades of one color to make some great tones. I did a longer review of these art markers here - Letraset Promarker Review

3. Gelly Roll Sakura White Pens

I found these back in 2013 and they are awesome for highlighting over black inked areas on your illustrations, perfect for adding depth to your art And also the best for building up cobwebs on some horror artwork.

4. Sharpie Markers

Sharpies are permanent markers that come in a range of different colors. I use the fine tip sharpies and the broad tip black pens with the chisel tip for blacking out larger areas on some illustrations. And the metallic range are useful to use too. See a review of the metallic sharpies here

5. Faber Castell Pitt Brush Pens

Bought some of these recently and the quality of the brush tips are excellent. These pens are fade resistant and the ink is waterproof acid free india ink. I do prefer brush pens at times, because you can reduce the size of the ink line by applying the pressure on the brush tip or decreasing the pressure to create a thinner line.

The best thing about these markers is that they don't dry out easily. Expect a review of these brush pens soon.

6. Copic Ciao Markers

Copic ciao markers are top quality pens for illustration professionals with the range of quality tones and shades available. Considered the more expensive range of markers you can get, but you can purchase refills for them and the other Sketch Copics, so they could last a life time. These are double ended tip pens with a chisel tip and a brush tip for various effects.

7. Copic Sketch Multi-liners

These black ink pens are similar to the pigma microns and the uni-pin pens. Thick and thin lines. Also there are color ones too, but I use the black pens for inking primarily. You can usually get a free multi-liner with a small pack of ciao copics.

8. Tombow Brush Pens

You can't have enough brush pens. I own a couple of these, but need to buy some more, considering a large pack as the few I had were excellent quality and there is just something great about using the markers like a paint brush. I remember some other Artists who said that these were good markers to have, even if you have just a smaller pack, just to test out.

9. Posca Paint Pens

Heard great things about these, not used any personally as yet, but I'm definitely going to buy some at some stage. The colors look bold and bright and you can draw on most surfaces.

10. Letraset Aqua Markers

Lastly these markers look nice and they seem to work very well almost like watercolors. Blending the inks is key. and the light fastness is great. Like the other ranges of Letraset Promarkers the 12 pack comes with a blender pen, but you can also use water to blend some of the colors together.

As I said previously, I will be doing full reviews of all of these Artist pens and demonstrations too in the form of a YouTube video. And I will be doing detailed reviews and the pros and cons and recommended paper to draw on etc.

What do you think of this list? Are these the best selling art pens? or Are there better pens missing from the list? Let me know, in the comments.

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