Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sketch Notes For Fiverr Commissions

Sketching is the best way of seeing if a drawing or illustration works and quite obviously it is my preferred route to create an illustration that my customers will be happy with. This post shall link to different posts on individual fiverr commissions I work on frequently on my Fiverr account Waynezart horror illustration.

But the first one here is a Japanese Demon illustration I got commissioned to create and I enjoyed drawing this one.

I remember being given some great japanese demon art reference files that really helped me draw this design from the Client. There is just something other worldly and cultural about these Demons that reside in the Japanese mythology.

Basic pencil design I thought early on that this first sketch was the one for the Client
japanese demon drawing
I inked the outline and tried to focus on just the outlines with some minimum large black areas
fiverr sketch notes
Here you can see the full design.
Inking with a Sharpie and a uni-pin fine line ink pen

Starting to add some color with copic and promarkers

The above design I was lucky, because some customers really demand that I revise the designs at least 2 or 3 times which can limit my creativity somewhat, but they are commissions, so what can you do!?

Look for more Fiverr commission sketch notes as I go along.

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