Thursday, 28 January 2016

Drawing A Spawn Art Print Illustration With Promarkers and Copics

Drawing an Al Simmons Spawn art print with Letraset Promarkers and Caio Copic markers. Spawn is a favorite comic book of mine that I have collected and read the comics ever since they came out in 1992. Originally drawn, written and created by Todd McFarlane as one of the head lining comics at Image Comics.

So with this idea, I wanted the focus to be on the Al Simmons Spawn character and a close up head shot of the horror character. The costume is always the main feature, so I wanted a portion of the cape and chains to be appear in the illustration.

I used a copic multi-liner for the fine detail on the head and a thicker copic pen for the outline and shadowed areas on the face. If you look closely on the second image below, you'll see that I used the infamous White gelly roll ink pen to add some nice highlighted flesh on the darker areas of Al Simmons face.

draw spawn art print
The head was the only thing I spent time on getting right, the rest sort of fell into place.

spawn art drawing
Inking the face of spawn and the chains and other elements.

spawn illustration drawing
Coloring the cape section now with red and orange promarkers and the green glow around the eyes.

The cape first layer of red and orange is done, needs more red later.

drawing spawn
The face some copic greys and a dark blue and china blue promarker for the night sky in the background.

Spawn art print illustration complete, all went well, perhaps some more coloring on the cape, which could go on forever.
I will be doing more spawn art print illustrations, mainly because as a fan of the comic I like drawing the character.

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