Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sketching Ideas For More Creatures

When sketching ideas for creatures, I tend to get carried away and the results are these types of sketches that get tossed down on to the floor, ready to be inked and coloured. The very idea that sketching becomes a chore is very much a myth as we can all get lost in the sketching process and just have fun with it.

So sketching ideas for creatures is an evolutionary process and one that you should work through yourself and try and get to grips with quick sketching your ideas down on to paper as fast as you can, so you can capture the energy of your own ideas.

The sketching process is a very methodical process that you begin right away. And it's up to you to make use of good ideas and get rid of bad concept ideas. The process of sketching helps with this and the elimination of ideas you don't like so that you can develop your better ideas further.

In the following drawing video I draw an idea of an arm that is a monster concept I was challenged to draw by another YouTuber. And this video is a prime example of drawing a creature concept from a basic arm shape.

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