Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Daily Sketching

Been a while since I tried to do any daily sketching and post the results here, so I thought I would do just that today. A few of these sketches are of projects I am currently working on and mean stuff only to me and the way that my art projects are going, they are going quite well. All things considered I should have done this art online thing years ago, but now I'm here. I shall just do whatever....

This first sketch was a very quick sketch from a planned graphic novel and it sums myself up pretty well as I used to be this Boy looking into the water and dreaming and thinking about the future. (And still am really!) This Boy quite literally has the weight of the World on his shoulders and I can't wait to start work on this graphic novel as it has been around 12 years now since I had the idea for this epic graphic novel series with a planned 8 or 10 volumes.

This next sketch was a random quick pencil sketch of the Clive Barker horror character Rawhead Rex. I wanted to try and add more teeth in there and try and make it seem different to that movie that Clive had no connection with whatsoever. I suppose a re-working of the creature design would be a good move as it sort of does appear quite average looking at this point, but I hope to develop my own personal take on this creature and draw him in future updates. The best part about Rawhead Rex from the short story in The Books of Blood was the vague description that Clive gave him which left open a massive amount of inspiration and mystery that could be conjured up for this nasty vicious  but ultimately awesome creature (There just has to be a remake movie of Rawhead Rex, if Clive ever gets the movies rights delivered back to him by some miracle, I hope he has some involvement with it.)

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