Monday, 9 February 2009

Drawing As A Relaxing Therapy

Today I got to thinking, that to draw is an amazing thing and one that is totally relaxing for anyone, even if they cannot draw, you can find the time to draw and relax whilst doing it.

Maybe it's the sketching rhythm you build up or the fact that you are sat down the whole time you are in your own comfort zone, drawing what you love to draw that you become relaxed.
Drawing and relaxing go quite well together. Your heart beats at a steady pace whilst quietly thinking in a creative way, much like writing it becomes quite calming and soothing that you begin to draw to see how long you can draw in one sitting.

A nice bit of relaxation is something we all need from time to time and this is especially true with the life styles that we may lead.

I'm sure alot of the great artists had some time to relax and draw and paint what they had to or just wanted to draw in their spare time, drawing lowers the heart rate and is something so personal that it becomes a great hobby for most who take it up.

Also by drawing the things we like to draw or draw best can help you relax to as if you are confident about drawing what you draw then the more relaxed you will feel.
Drawing shouldn't be frustrating it should be fun and one that should be theraputic, filled with purpose and intent.

Got some anger going on?

Then thrash it out on a piece of paper, draw hard lines and sketch what you feel, this can be hard to do but often it lets something out as you transfer pencil to paper, much the same way as you punch a punch bag to relieve the stress of something, drawing has that therapy quality that helps you through, for me it's the sight of my hand drawing and a combination of me sitting down relaxed whilst drawing, the sounds of the pencil scratching the papers surface as you draw, that helps me be relaxed as does other factors like listening to music.

So just sit, relax and draw long into the night!

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