Monday, 9 February 2009

Drafting The Ideas And Concepts

Drawing is all about drafting and the drafting end result is a drawing that shows your immortalized idea or concept and imprints it on your mind and on paper, keeping a record for you and serves as the idea to be used for further projects ever after.

Visualize your end results by drafting more than one idea on top of the other. More ideas make more options to draw from, so always try to draw variations of one theme and keep drawing until you have exhausted your current ideas for that particular drawing you want to achieve.

Keep written notes together with your collection of sketches to add further details about your ideas, because if you're like me then you forget a lot,so writing notes helps you relate your art to your notes and keep the ideas alive.

To be an artist does require you to conceptualise 90% of the time and then complete pieces of art the other 10%, taking on board new ways of organizing your time, help effectively create new concepts and ideas and help you to focus too.

Small memo pads are very useful and can fit in your pocket, even a small digital camera can be placed in your pocket to capture scenes whilst out and about on a walk about, this contributes to your ideas and the creative process of drawing.

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