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Creative Art Visualize Success!

Visualize creative art for success

To visualize something is the realisation of a thought, a single idea that could transcend your creative output and propel it to a higher level. To see the art you want to create is one thing but to become part of the visualization process is very intense as an artist, and it's this part of the creative ways we work that we may lose ourselves along the way.

If you can see the path ahead and you know where you are headed, then that's ok, but what of the unsure? The people who cannot realize their artistic visions as some sort of clear walkway ahead? It is time to think about your creative goals and really think about where you are headed, Do you want to just be an artist or do you want to visualize some success?

I'll tell you some of my story first and that the reasons I started this very blog.

First I came from a background were it was just normal to get a regular job and that was an existence, some way to say that you are in the gang, the supposedly normal people who have day jobs working for other people and do what they are told through an annoying "boss and menial worker relationship"

I soon realized I was worth more than this and came to the wonderful world of the internet and that was fine, but what could I do online that would fulfill my life without a boring day job to use up all of my valuable time offline?
I began to research the internet for opportunities, to see what I could do.

During my study phase I came across all manner of brilliant work from home resources that said you could earn up to $2000 in a day just like that and sometimes that amount of money within 30 minutes, well I sure was thrilled, so I began to look further into what would become an endless bore of ridiculous claims and scammy looking information sites that all looked the same, I soon became one of those people who got fed up with make money this and that and tried other options and in doing so I learned a lot about the scams and other things, but more importantly I learned one big lesson that struck me late one night whilst blogging on my many blogs I set up to try and earn some money.

And that was....I had a talent for drawing and I was not using it to my full potential, you see talents are one thing, but if you don't use them enough then what's the point having a so called talent? so I began to plan something out, I read more on being successful as a content writer and became more of a blogger than a writer, I consumed helpful blog articles from the likes of Steve Pavlina and his personal development blog, then I digested lots of blog posts and Darren Rowses Problogger articles then through the archives of many other useful blogs and just found lots of helpful advice about success and creating value for others.

It wasn't until after nearly 4 years that I realised my lifes purpose and that was to create and immerse myself in writing all about my passions of drawing fantasy art and other related comic book art concepts and visualization techniques as that is my number one passion.

To visualize success and understand how you get there is an important step and one that is your own personal path to follow, taking action to get there is the recommended course of well...action. Recent times of a bad economy may get you down, but on the positive side it is an excellent time to evaluate where you want to be in your own life and in the area of creative art, it is so specialized to each artist who needs to get noticed or needs some form of success whether that's writing an ebook, selling some of your art, or creating and maintaining a blog about your work.

5 Ways I Personally Visualize Success

1. I take a pen and paper and I just write goals for the week and I make damn sure by the end of the week that these goals are met, no matter how large or small, these goals could be written in the form of a simple to do list and you just follow it as a daily task.

2. I think and plan ahead....alot! this helps you to overcome potential obstacles before they arise, any decent working business does this in the form of a cashflow forecast or a business strategy and by planning things well ahead you keep ahead of others who are trying something similar to you an you can keep them in check by rising well above them.

3. I look up to others who are successful and invigorate myself with their inspiring and thoughtful content, I'm always interested by other peoples stories and how they became successful, this is like reading case studies of the most successful people in your industry and taking their lead.

4. Constantly learning, always finding new stuff about your area of expertise is always something of high importance and relating that information to others creates value and success in your own eyes and in others, this is where networking comes in handy to find out and learn new things and also share your knowledge with others too.

5. NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF!!!! By being of a positive mind you can achieve more than being either negative or on the fence not doing anything, in my case I look to my to do list and keep active, I create new ideas and concepts, sketches and written notes and I act upon them, usually taking action means it's in the bag and you can move on to new projects that bit more quicker.

So what have we learned here? My guess is you already know where you are going, or you may be unsure, either way visualizing success comes down to one of two things:

The vision to succeed

And the desire to succeed

Be an entrepreneur about visual art and be your creative self at all times and you'll be amazed at the results you can generate.

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