Thursday, 22 January 2009

Network With Fantasy Artists And Their Work

Fantasy artists are gathering all over the internet and probably have been there for awhile, some gaining considerable notice while others not so much except for friends and family, it is my intention to create a network of fantasy art blogs for the latter.

The very notion of having your own blog is the best thing because you already have a base to blog about your art and write all about your daily drawing and creative tasks.

So if you want to be added to this netwok then just comment here r contact me directly through my googlemail at the top of the screen.

The benefits of a network of blogs as opposed to a single blog all on it's own:

* Increased visibility and networking possibilities.
* Share content to link to and recommend to others.
* Learn something new from another artist.
* Get inspired by others art.
* Joint venture to create some unique projects.

There are lots more benefits to being part of a blog network, because it focuses on all aspects of a niche, if done right, a network can grow in traffic and income if your blog is monetized well.

So if you have a fantasy related blog, then I highly recommend you link up here, so if you have a fantasy blog in the following areas fantasy art, comic books, fantasy films(any genre)fantasy books,fantasy jewelry,anything gothic art related.

Then linking up will give you an extra boost, especially as will be the hub of all networked blogs, as I Wayne Tully intend to build a unique and great network to be a part of in this coming year.

I look forward to see your work and blog about you too.

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