Thursday, 22 January 2009

Illustration In Fantasy Art

Illustrations And Fantasy Art Gallery A mysterious artists named just Alan

Fantasy art is illustration and ideas and concepts are widely paid for to you as the artist as a commission or a series of commissions, to get your work out there you need a portfolio, but additional to thst you need a website of your own to quickly link to all of your professional work and say what company you worked for, this acts as a showcase for the types of work you do but can also prove that you have undergone contract works and paintings.

The art of Eric Wadley has some great examples of digital art inspired by fantasy worlds and imaginated realms.

The more you take the time to look online in particular with regards to artists portfolio galleries the better equipped you will be to create inspired artwork only you can create.

Always remember that your art samples have to reflect the kinds of work you are capable of producing on a standard or a par with the top fantasy art illustrators, so keep your eye on the ball with respect to up and coming artists.