Tuesday, 20 January 2009

20 Great Sentences To Inspire Your Best Drawing

Inspiring great drawing comes from these top 20 sentences.

1. Today I will draw no matter what!
2. Make a list of associated words to inspire creation.
3. Draw tiny thumbnails and archive them.
4. Draw multiple sketches of what you love to draw.
5. The quicker you draw the more spontaneous the art produced.
6. An ordered workspace makes a happy draw space.
7. Plenty of paper equals another new idea.
8. Look at other artists works and study it closely.
9. Try and draw things you have trouble drawing.
10. Change your focus for fresh new ideas and concepts.
11. Always carry a portable sketchpad with you for on the spot ideas.
12. A bit of computer manipulation could improve aspects of your drawing.
13. Music and movies help your creative side flow.
14. A walk in the park, seeing scenery and other locations give you a refreshed perspective.
15. What angle can your drawings convey, ask yourself this often?
16. Look at how other artists solve drawing problems.
17. Hang your best pieces near your work studio to inspire you in hard times.
18. Have a reference file/folder filled with photos, magazine clippings and other reference material to look at when the need arises.
19. Look at real life people and landscapes for some realism.
20. Have some fun and choose your projects with a view to seeing them through.

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