Friday, 24 July 2020

Working On A The Thing Commission And Art Print

Currently working on a The Thing commission which is turning out quite well as the client 
wanted an original creature drawing that had a look of the original from the movie, but was it's own creature if that makes sense. So I decided to keep the dog head element and the top creatures head from the film so it was recognizable and also the colour scheme helps tie in the design to The Thing as well.

I've been using Copic Markers to lay down the base colours of the creature design with warm greys which help to define the shadowed areas before going over them areas with Faber Castell Polycromos color pencils for the blended shades and details.

For now, all I need to do to finish this drawing is to carry on with the details and make the colours really solid and vibrant so that I can transfer this design digitally to make good quality art prints later on.

I'll show the finished design when it's done and also when I have the prints in hand.

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