Thursday, 23 July 2020

Drawing A Death Metal Demon Head Timelapse

Drawing a Death Metal style Demon Head timelapse. In this video I gloss over the drawing of a demons head and try and make it as cool looking as possible in just black and white ink and paint. I'll do a full real time drawing video edit of this at some point, but for now this video gives a rough insight into the drawing process and how I work to draw horror death metal concepts.

For me, I just love the contrasting black and whites using ink and paint and seeing how the two colours compliment each other, especially with lots of use of the white paint splatter technique.

Also, I thought you might enjoy this other video drawing some kind of variation of a Demon skull in death metal style. Also in timelapse.

You might also want to check out How to draw a Death Metal Zombie Head for some further ideas in drawing in this horror style.

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