Saturday, 19 February 2011

Justin Bieber Zombie Drawing

I thought it'd be fun to draw Justin Bieber as a zombie because I just hate his hair and his music and so I thought why not give back to his fans and spread the joy of Justin Bieber the Zombie.

Watch the video and see his hair come to life whilst the rest of his head rots....purely an experimentation to see how zombies look like with a daft hairstyle....

Just might do a part two and color him in...

How To Draw Venom

Drawing Venom from the Spiderman comics is a joy because I'm a fan of the comic books years ago in particular The Amazing Spiderman and I always thought Venom was a cool looking character to draw as he looks sort of like the black costume Spiderman and all that alien black Symbiote dribbling stuff is fun to draw too.

Here we'll go through the drawing video of how I drew Venom and hopefully you can pick up some pointers when it comes to your own Venom drawing.

In the video I start by sketching the whole figure in rough to get an idea on how the venom drawing will look and should look. It all starts with this initial first drawing and then it should start to come together somewhere along the lines.

I draw the Venom figure with a Hb pencil and then I start to use a black Crayola pencil to add definition to the figure and shadow right at the end, notice I don't add full blocks of black I try and define the muscles somewhat so that it appears solid in it's form....

Watch me draw Venom and then have a go yourself!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Found A Useful Painting Video - How to Paint Icy Landscape in Chinese Painting or Sumi-e - Frozen Niaga...

Painting is something that I want to do more of and so I found this interesting video from Blueheron arts on YouTube and he demonstrates a technique for painting icy landscapes on rice paper and it shows a great use of ink that is watered down and done in layers.

A chinese brush is used that can load lots of watered ink and the results that you can get are quite impressive, although I would have used a blu/grey to depict the ice shadows and formations, but he demonstrates the technique very well take a look for yourself below....

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My Zazzle Bumper Stickers Collection

Here is a quick run down of some of my Zazzle stickers that I've created over the last year, who knows you may see something that you like or that someone else will like!

Skull Stickers

Demon Art Sticker

Yet another Demon Design....


Hell Demon Art bumpersticker
Hell Demon Art by waynetully
Create your own bumper stickers at zazzle

Skull Serpent....

Blood Skull sticker....

Demon Art sticker again...

New Red Demon Necklace From Zazzle

Early in this new year I found out that Zazzle have added a new product option and so I thought I'd add a couple of designs to them and here is the Red Hell Demon Necklace that I colored using Gimp before Christmas and I thought it looked kind of cool the way it turned out, but what do I know?

What do you think?

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way Book Review

Drawing comic books the Marvel way has always been an interesting book and one that has been around for years. Heralded as the top book on comic book drawing for it's simple but powerful information supplied with John Buscmemas fantastic comic book art showing you the steps to draw figures and how to create the form through stick figures and sketch sculpting.

One of the most amazing things after recently finding this book again after 12 years is that it still is a good book on the basics of drawing the Marvel way in comic books and the art has that classic 70's style that I remember as a kid buying up all the back issues I could of The Fantastic Four, X-men and Spiderman to name a few.

The special thing about this book is the way it is simply explained by Stan Lee, a one time Editor of Marvel and writer too who does a lot of camoe appearances in many Marvel movies now and the way he describes things makes the book enjoyable to read as you know and understand and nothing is too complicated, except the chapter about Perspective, I guess that is a bit too hard to explain to anybody who hasn't tries to draw things in different persepctives, but Stan gave it a good go.

At around 155 pages which has tutorials and actual pages and sketches alongside the finished panels of artwork you can fill in the gaps too about drawing and finding your own style and way of working when drawing comic books.

There is a DVD available to which might benefit your drawing ability too as it goes through some top quality stuff on drawing the Marvel way, so that you can try your hand at drawing a powerfully drawn comic book step by step based on the sections and video tutorials you learn in the DVD.

When I was a kid, we used to divide ourselves into 2 groups of comic fans, Marvel or DC and for me it was Marvel all the way as I can remember more memorable artists and comic book characters from that universe. But what you learn either in this book or DVD is invaluable and explained much better than any other book I've come across and I own a lot of art books.

Here's the DVD for How to draw marvel comics - How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way