Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Skull Art Drawing Video - Drawing A Skull Clown

Skull Clowns sound quite cool when you say the name and they are cool to draw, so in this drawing video you can see me draw a skull clown and I draw it with a 5B pencil, a quite soft pencil that shows up quite dark on the papers surface quite well and then I ink the clown skull with my trusty gel ink pen

I'll have to come back and color this either with Crayola pencils or scan this image into the computer and do a sceen capture color demonstration which might be awesome to do.....Draw yourself a Clown Skull, watch the drawing video below.

Drawing A Scary Cemetery Drawing Video Included

Drawing a scary cemetery is what I did quite recently. Sketched a bit to begin with just to get some ideas and inspiration and then I just threw myself into this drawing video of drawing a scary cemetery, not quite sure if it's scary enough, but you get the idea with this video.

Try and draw a graveyard or cemetery scene yourself and see how you get on with it.....
Watch the drawing video below.....

Drawing a Scary Cemetery

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Top 10 Drawing Video Inspirations Here At Wayne Tully Fantasy Art

I decided to go through the top 10 video posts that I've posted here on this fantasy art blog so far as determined by traffic and this has been a good exercise really, to see what else I could draw and create videos for and it's inspired me to think about creating extremely useful videos and improve my video creation process too.

But before that happens here is the top 10 drawing video blog posts that have been moderately popular recently.....

1. How to draw Captain Hook - Drawing video of Captain Hook, this video has proved popular, so check it out for pirate drawing inspiration.
2. How to draw a predators face - This drawing video just took off and I am secretly proud of this video as I captured the essence of a Predator here.
3. How to draw an Alien Head - Alien the creatures that have battled the Predators in the comics and the films, thought I'd do a complimentary video to equal the Predator one.
4. Drawing a horror skull - A video that also proved popular with my YouTube subscribers and readers here. The drawing video marked my first ever time lapse video, so check it out!
5. Crayola Coloring Drawing Demonstration - A look at the Crayola Twistables with a drawing being colored by these fantastic colored pencils.
6. Drawing With Lightboxes - An overview of drawing with a lightbox, with a Halloween pumpkin and a drawing of a witches head.
7. Gargoyle Drawings and Sketches - 3 drawing videos which show the beginnings of 3 separate Gargoyles which might be good for inspirational purposes!
8. Drawing a Horror Monster Face - Drawing video of a maggot faced monster....
9. Drawing a pirate skull - Pirate skull quick drawing video.
10. Drawing fantasy world ideas - Fantasy world ideas brought to life, just have fun with drawing your own fantasy worlds.

Imagination is the key to creating your own fantasy art.