Friday, 13 August 2010

Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils Review

The Crayola twistable color pencils are great for coloring drawings in and there's no need for sharpening and they are easy and fun to use for all coloring projects.

Watch the video below for the complete review of these ace colored pencils.

Crayola can still be one of the best colored pencil products next to Prismacolor and Derwent. I use them a lot because they are cheap and they do the job of coloring and even blending the colors too on my own drawing projects.

Everyone knows Crayolas art products as they have been around for many years and the many different brands that are avaialable are great for children to realise their creativity, but also not just for children as I am 32 years old and I use Crayola art products too.

Of the Crayola range that I use quite regularly are the Color pencils and the thick markers, aswell as the super tips too. Recently though I have been trying to use some of their other art products to get a feel on what works best and the twistables certainly do make life easier, especially when your pencil sharpener becomes daft and breaks the lead of your coloring pencils.

Anyway, watch the video and see me coloring in with them and talking about them a bit too.....

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