Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Draw A Pirate Skull Quick Video

Drawing Pirate Skulls are fairly easy to draw and especially if you know how to make them look even the smallest bit pirate like and in this case the video just goes through drawing a skull on a side profile and then I simply add a head scarf on the top of the skull and hey presto...instant pirate skull.

The pirate skull can be dressed up in lots of different ways, for instance you could add an eye patch, a pirate hat and even horrible looking greasy hair can be drawn on the skull to make it look like an authentic pirate skull, of course one of the great things what with the Pirates of the carribean is that undead pirates look pretty cool in their pirate costumes and so look for an updated video here with me drawing a full skeleton crew pirate.

But for now, here's the draw a pirate skull video below:-

So if you follow the video, you will be able to draw a pirates skull if you practice what is being drawn right in front of your very eyes, of course you don't have to re-tread all of my steps to draw a pirate skull, you can add other fun stuff to it if you feel it is slightly flat and you can colour it too.

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