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Boris Vallejo: Fantasy Art Techniques Book

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The fantasy art techniques book review by Boris Vallejo seems really promising on the outside from the books cover, but then you start to read the inside and it is a thinly disguised promotion of Boris Vallejos artwork, of course there are a few pages of the way the artist works and Vallejos art is brilliant, but I couldn't help to be disappointed with this book when I first got it, although it is an old book now as I've had it for over 8 years and I'm sure it's been around a lot longer.

If you're a fan of Boris Vallejo then this book is a must have if you don't already own it, as there are some useful insights and some early sketches which you see later he paints in his masterful style that is so recognizable in his 30 plus year artistic career.

So the book isn't a total loss as his art is inspiring enough to get by, but if you are looking for top fantasy art techniques like the title of the book leads you to think, then you will be disappointed too.

Good to flick through and get inspired by the art alone.

So this book is 7 out of 10.

Fantasy Art Techniques

Fantasy Art Techniques

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