Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Inspiration By Story Creation

Stories make the best inspiration and one that are so personal to the individual that you can create excellent results by letting your mind wander and describe things in exact detail. Reading other authors works can be similar and can often freely flow more ideas into your creative output than anything at times.

I regularly read extracts from the lord of the rings", as it is richly descriptive of scenes and characters, something that's a fine example of creating new ideas from something that're years old filled with classic fantasy creatures and literature that were written to help the imagination do. What is does best and that is imagining.

Writing stories should come from a place you are familiar with and have a strong interest in the subject matter for it to be inspirational to your own art and style of concept art. Being inspired from reading stories comes as no surprise as this is what makes reading a book a personal one, because each person imagines the story and characters in their own unique way.

Creating your own imagined stories helps to evaluate enough creative material to work from that will inspire greater ideas and drawing concepts. Typically, writers who write imagine their stories creations in their mind but may not be able to draw themselves, but still the useful way that writers build content and story narratives, serve as a valuable reference for any artist who cares to read up to get a creative booster.

Therefore, we have established that reading and writing help the artist and inspiration can be gained from the pursuit of exploring our own inner archive of visuals that we interpret from every available reference and resource.

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