Monday, 23 February 2009

Finding Your Inner Creative Mind

Being creative is something that anyone who draws anything wants to be and sometimes we lose sight of our creativity for whatever reason and this is a post all about finding your inner creativity which is somewhere you will want to go so that you will always draw some good sketch ideas and create whatever you want on demand.

To find your creative streak if you have lost it or have simply lost focus is something that can be easily brought back from the dead, a renewed and refreshed outlook on the creative tasks at hand that have to be accomplished are set out in the following ways:-

Inspiration - when we are inspired to create we do just that create, we can assign methods to gain inspiration.

Determination - This is linked to inspiration in some way and it is the energy of being determined that will drive you on.

Motivation - Following on from determination comes being motivated builds up reasons in your own mind why you must do your tasks.

Planning - Plans incorporate the other three points above and using this you build an excellent plan that will never fail.

Lets go into detail about inspiration and what could inspire you further.
For this part you will need to find out what really stimulates your creativity, and for each person it could be something different. For example I am inspired by multiple things like looking at my comic book collection, watching a few dvds or reading some books, inspiration is a wonderful thing once you appreciate that there are others artistic creations out there to help you visualize drawings and interpreted new ideas and concepts.

When the mind keeps active and is interested in the stuff that the person likes then good things happen for the processes of creativity to take effect, we tend to look at the visual concepts first and then see how we can incorporate them into our own works.

Being determined helps the process of inspiration to be carried through by wanting to be inspired and this follows through with the realistic goals that every creative person should adhere to, also a determined mind brings about action based on the desires that someone wants to have. Working out your end goals could make you more determined in the long run.

Motivation is almost the same as determination but there has to be some special focus or reason that all this creativity matters to you or you wouldn't be doing it at all, the very fact that you are determined makes you motivated and this is a good thing for a creative mind to prosper.

Together with good planning of your creative ways you will find a daily routine and way of working that suits you better than it would if you had not planned your creative endeavours beforehand and going through a to do task list is an easier thing to handle as you have all the jobs you need to get done all laid out in an agenda that is customized for you by you.

Finding your inner creative mind can be as much an exploration of you, than it is just simply finding a way of visualizing ideas on paper, by the very realization of what you like and what you enjoy and strive to get accomplished should be anyones main life goal, so make time for your inner mind to be free and creative by soaking up what suits the artist that you are.

Music can help your mind become free to flow the energy of creativity....

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