Monday, 12 January 2009

Fantasy Art Inspiration In The World And Influences Around Us

All around us inspiration can be taken from the real life images our eyes capture everyday, these mental images are stored in our computer like brains for lots of creative stuff that we as humans do quite naturally, whether it's making the perfect cup of tea right down to making the bed with origami folded sheets.

Drawing and creating fantasy art comes about when we are drawn to or sucked in by the contagious and inspirational artwork of other artists and then we tend to see realistic looking life landscapes in paintings and the inspired choices that the artists made and combine all these mental images into our own imaginative creations.

To see how other artists do what they do and how they do it is best. But also inspiration can be found within stories, books and lists of words, these are far better to imagine your creations with, something that you read and then conjure up images in your own mind as to what can be sketched on paper.

Medieval history for me is a good source of inspiration especially for castles and knights armour that kind of thing, years back in real history has influence in the future of many created pieces of artwork, whether it be a painting or portrait. Your imagination can be used to exaggerate your influences and make them your own ideas and concepts.

Art of the past can be one of the main sources of inspiration, because many artists had little distractions such as the internet or even television, so they had the time to concentrate on their works of art and become good at it much quicker. But even now there are more and more fantasy artists out there who are earning a reputation as quality and professional artists from their own websites and blogs and the ability to command artist commissions from all the available sources.

Top idea - Make A Concepts Folder Of The Art You Are Influenced By

Unique Fantasy Art Drawing is an easy to follow concept once you understand the basics of sketching out ideas.

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