Tuesday, 28 July 2020

How To Create Effective Ink Splatters With Black And White Paint

How to create the best ink splatters with black and white paint or drawing inks. There is a technique for doing this and one that we'll run through right here. All you need is a few items to help you and they are fairly inexpensive.

You will need:- 

Black and white acrylic paint or drawing inks
A toothbrush
An old paintbrush
Tub of water to thin your paint slightly
A sheet of white or black paper (your own preference and also based on what drawing you;ve already done)

Now of course if you are using white paint or drawing ink, you must have a solid black background on your art so that it shows up very effectively as a great spatter. And also vice versa for white backgrounds with black paint for ink splatters.

In the following video I run you through some of the ways that I introduce ink splatter to my drawings with white and black paint. The splatters will vary with each different tool as you'll see in the video, the Toothbrush creates the finest spray of paint and you could combine this with the paint brush method to vary the size of the ink blobs falling on your drawing.

Remember, the thicker the paint and less watered down the paint, the brighter the white will show up. and also black paint or ink will show up darker too and not a grey colour.

I will look at other ways to create ink spatter as I bet there are some quite inventive ways to use this technique.

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