Saturday, 31 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #24 - The Thing Inspired Art

Designing another Thing inspired head drawing based off of John Carpenters film The Thing. This is inspired from the two heads that look like they are being ripped and forced apart, it's the frozen thing creature Kurt Russel and the team find in the Antarctic.

I wanted to make this lightly different and more me than a realistic version of whats gone before. that's why I added one human head at the bottom and something else at the top which helps separate the two heads in my opinion even though they are joined together.

Still need to work on more of the inks for this drawing and colour it with some funky colours.

the thing creature sketch
The Thing close up two heads being forced together and then ripped apart at the same time, needs more work

Friday, 30 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #23 - Vampire Sketch The Strain

Currently drawing more The Strain artwork in particular the vampires from that TV show of the same name. I want to create a few good art illustrations prints of these and this one I'm working on I wanted to just do the head like it's just been chopped off and all the vampire virus worms are splattered around the head of the Vampire. I'm not sure if I'm going to colour this as yet, but this is the pencil sketch and inked drawing I have done so far.

On a slightly funny note, it looks like the Vampires tongue is waving on it's missing nose like a little kid saying "Na Na Na Na Na!" lol. Think I'll keep that in the design though, now onto inking the drawing and I'm thinking about some heavy black in the background to help all the worms and thinned out white blood stand out.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #22 - The Fly Horror Print Sketch

Drawing realistically portrait style isn't really my style. I may not have the patience to learn, so in keeping with that thought, I took a look at a movie still from that movie and it shows Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle in a horribly disfigured and quite excellent prosthetic suit, but here in the initial pencil sketch I wanted to capture the essence of that movie moment.

I'll be adding a Teleportation pod in the background and maybe the fully transformed fly creature somewhere on the A3 sheet of card I am drawing on.

As the illustration progresses with inks and colour then the drawing might look more like a hideous looking freak. It's kind of a relief not being able to draw realistically, because that exists on film and it was nice to flex my drawing muscles by using my own art style and trying to create something that honours this classic horror movie of my childhood.

Horror Skull Serpent Laptop Sleeves Available

I'm still creating products for Zazzle with my unique artwork. Here we have a horror skull serpent that I drew in a black and white art style. The Skull as a Serpent works quite well as a design for a laptop computer sleeve. I wonder what this would look like in color?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #21 - Sugar Skull Design

I drew this for a Fiverr client from this gig here I'll Draw A Horror Skull For $5 And it turned out pretty well, the client was happy with the skull design anyhow and I was pleased since this is the second one I've drawn in the Sugar Skull theme. I'll more than likely do a color version of this or draw another one.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #20 - Undead Zombie Head Art

This Zombie head I inked back in 2014 and forgot about it for awhile and I just started to add some basic grey and red colours to the undead head. Needs some work, but it's getting there.

daily sketch journal
Zombie head inked with ink pens and coloured with letraset promarkers.

Drawing A Cerberus Creature From Greek Myth

I've tried several attempts at drawing Cerberus. Once on camera when I don't feel I was ready to explore the drawing of it. (although I got the heads right) The drawing below was done last year 2014 and it is the best representation of Cerberus I have ever done. I like the whole dynamics of the illustration really and so I thought what about breaking down the steps and showing how you could draw this yourself.

cerberus illustration

Cerberus creature art
A slight close up of the 3 Hound heads on Cerberus

Of course I'll be doing a slightly different drawing from that drawing above, but it still will be a good Demonic three headed hound that guards the underworld of Hades from the classic Greek legend.

Lets start by planning the full drawing from scratch. Often I like to gesture draw the whole thing in sketch form first to get an idea of the heads, proportions and anatomy etc. Gesture drawing is were you sketch loosely by not starting to draw perfect lines to begin with, but it really helps to give your drawing some energy and finding a nice pose for all of your creature or character designs.

gesture drawing cerberus
The gesture sketching and drawing stage really helps just serve the guide lines for later on in the drawing process and it helps you explore the creature from the very beginning of the concept stage.
Now we have a very basic framework to sketch on we can start to explore more of the creatures look by filling out the figure and the heads and whatever you choose along the way.

how to draw cerberus
Now you can see the 3 heads starting to take some shape and it is about trying to draw each head not identical to each other, but with some similar features to unify the creature design. Still needs some work

Always as we go on with a drawing we have that little doubt in the back of our minds "will this work?" and I always like to say "Lets see what happens!" Right now the legs are looking a bit off, but I can get away with it somewhat as I want the focus on the heads and maybe the tail.

concept drawing cerberus
Defining and refining previous pencil lines is like sculpting really, once you learn to adapt your way of thinking about sketching and draft sketching, you can pretty much learn to improve on pencil line drawings in time.

pencil drawing cerberus
Adding in some rough pencil shading and thicker lines help ground your creature design and prepare it for inking at a later stage. I like the look of all the Hound heads, even the central design as each has their own personality.

As with all of my blog posts on drawing creatures I'll update with new material to try and make these comprehensive and highly useful for any aspiring Artist like me. Maybe I'll draw some more hellhound heads to show for inspiration - Look for new updates and I'll date and mark any updates, so you know I've added any useful updates.

Creature Drawing on Wood

I always seem to get bored easily and finding new stuff to draw on can help relieve the mundane efforts occurring on my drawing board. So I decided to draw something on the wood panel in my shed. Of course it's a creature drawing of some sort with a giant eyeball at the centre of the art.

I did a video (Drawing a monster on wood) of the first lot of drawing, but I do want to update with more as I go along as per usual with my blog posts.

Of course in the photo below you can't see the full thing, but with subsequent updates I hope to add more to the drawing and show you different sections of the whole piece.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Just Thought This Photo Would Amuse

Last year I was experimenting with trying to place my tripod and camera in better positions to make better drawing videos and after a nice cup of coffee one morning I had a brain wave of an idea which in my head sounded and would've looked awesome and been amazing for my video production and...well I tried it and I wasn't happy with it at and my pathetic ideas!

The idea as you can see from the photo below was to prop a tripod and camera down the back of my hoodie top and it would show a nice over head view of my drawing board as I I'm a right joker, this was the shittest idea I have ever had (Please excuse my Mrs' Supernatural photos in the background...sometimes they stare at me!)...good day to you all!

Daily Sketch Journal #19 - Divider Head Dead Space Art

A Divider Head from the classic Dead Space game series that I don't really play to much. Wanted to have a go at the idea for the head and work my way up to draw a body of the alien infected parasite creature.
dead space divider head art
The pencil shading was fun, because I don't do much pencil shading on drawings. I enjoyed drawing this dead space creature.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #18 - Friday The 13th Hockey Mask Art

A Friday the 13th Hockey mask drawing. I was trying to capture the essence of the movie series and I think I'll get there. I will color it soon. Just see how it goes!

I like the texture I achieved with a black brush pen around the hockey mask. I guess it was supposed to resemble coagulated blood and maybe splashed blood or something.

friday the 13th hockey mask art
The hockey mask looks quite menacing because there is no emotion to show on this inked illustration

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #17 - Demon Hell Spawn Marker Art

This hellspawn marker art makes a refreshing change from the black and white stuff I did the last 6 months of last year. I've started to use Letraset Promarkers more often for coloring in my artwork and they produce some pretty great results. Although I'm still experimenting with them, you can layer over different shades of a color and create some nice depth with tone.

demon hellspawn promarker art

Friday, 23 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #16 - Chainsaw Maniac

Trying to draw a chainsaw maniac and sketching ideas for that. The first pencil sketch was rubbish, but it helped me think better how to improve the drawing. And so this quick black acrylic paint sketch drawing of a chainsaw maniac helped give me some very basic ideas on drawing this as a possible illustration.

The chainsaw maniac figure needs to be explored more for such details as drawing the hands holding a chainsaw or the clothes He is wearing etc. I'll update soon!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #15 - Zombie Head Drawing DOTD

I went Zombie mad today and drew a Zombie face from the classic 70's Dawn of the Dead movie and will color it in with various art markers and colored pencils. Here are the pencil sketches so far and then what follows on from that, well we'll see!

This is the Plaid Shirt Zombie from the classic 70's Dawn of the Dead movie, once I get around to coloring it, it will have that 70's charm I think. Look for the inks and a splash of color later....

dawn of the dead zombie
I suppose the bad lighting adds some sort of effect to this Dawn of the Dead zombie drawing.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #14 - Acrylic Art Explorations

In this daily sketch journal I thought it would be cool to do some acrylic art and just have fun slapping lots of paint on paper and seeing what occurs. Some mixed results here. Lets take a look.
Sometimes it's just best to paint stuff quick and see what happens.

acrylic art idea
A quick Demon head with an inspired fly mouth type idea.

A screaming demon head idea that needs to be re-drawn and more detail added

acrylic demon skull art
A skull painted on wood as an idea

acrylic art exploration
A single thought on what would Kermit the Frog look like with exploding eyes...still needs some work 
acrylic art exploration
Acrylic skull art with black and white acrylic paint blended together to make a grey color

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #13 - Screaming Zombie Head Artwork

A screaming Zombie head artwork. I'm really determined to keep up with this even though I do the drawings and then lately forget to upload them. I was thinking about a screaming Zombie head and I'll think about adding some nice and vibrant colors to this illustration at some point. As always I'll update with new updates right on this blog post about this Zombie artwork as I go along.

screaming zombie head art
I was toying with the idea of giving this Zombie head some hair, but alas no. I might do some funky colors however and make this visually stunning if at all possible.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #12 - Zombie Pencil Sketch

The daily sketch journal continues with some late editions lately, but hopefully will get back on track. This is a Zombie pencil sketch that will evolve into an inked illustration complete with a Zombie in the background, also I wanted to draw a bit of background too a graveyard perhaps?

Notice the daft broken finger on the Zombie, it's little details like that that make drawing this stuff worthwhile lol.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #11 - Skull With Maggots And Worms

It's quite frequent that I enjoy drawing a good black ink skull illustration and this one features a Skull with maggots and worms all around it. I have yet to draw in all of the maggots on the sheet of A3, but I will meticulously ink them in one by one. It might look like lots of rice around the skull, but I shall try and do some thinner lines on the maggots to try and separate them from that thought.

There is just something about all of the busy detail that seems intriguing to me as an Artist.

Update 13/02/2015 - I've complete the full drawing including the maggots and am unsure whether to color the illustration or just leave as is? 
I decided to draw the other missing eyeball on the forehead of the skull and show that the maggots are trying to carry it off to eat.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #10 - Horror Demon Expanding Art

Yet another A3 sized illustration starting here in the middle with more demonic horror creatures and with this one I wanted to document the drawing process and do a drawing video which I will post when fully complete.

I'll also post updates on this piece of art too with new sections of the illustration as I go along.

daily sketch journal
A tiny section of a large A3 sized illustration of demon horror art by Wayne Tully

Friday, 16 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #9 - Demon Heads Large Illustration

I started a large A3 size illustration of lots of Demon heads all placed together on one sheet. The idea was that they would be drawn with just a mechanical pencil with some heavy shading along the way. Still got a way to go with this illustration, but I'll get there. I need to fill up the full A3 thick card paper. I'll be selling the complete original illustration.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #8 - Vampire Demon Chained

A Vampire Demon all chained up was my thought for this quick looking sketch. Again with some previous drawings, this is a quick draft of an idea that needs to be fleshed out more perhaps?

The lines represent the chains and there is an easy way to draw chains see this drawing video - Drawing Chains

I'll update this design when I develop it some more.

daily sketch journal
Close up look of the Vampire Demon quick sketch. I need to clarify the look of the design and straighten out some of the obvious flaws in the structure of the bones, but I'm not worrying too much about that.

vampire demon sketch drawing

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #7 - Monster Drawing

Monster drawing in the daily sketch journal.  I was adamant that this creature would have lots of teeth. And the monster would look like some kind of Serpent rising from the water. Still needs some work on the background, maybe some more pencil cross hatching stylie.

A thought dawned on me when I am on day 7 of this Daily Sketch Journal post series. What if I work on the drawings and provide little updates as I go? That would be cool, as you'll see the development of the art like a proper ongoing art journal. Look for updates on this and all posts in the series. I plan on posting one a day in the sketch journal forever as long as I am sketching that is.

daily sketch journal

I'll Draw A Horror Skull For A $5

Over on Fiverr I have a gig running that I created in which I will draw a horror skull for $5 and it is a gig that anyone can buy the service and use the drawing I create for sites like Zazzle and any other similar sites. Don't forget to watch the short video which shows some black and white skull art being created with final details on them.

There are some extra stuff I offer if you choose to pay more and so that means quite a few designs which will be drawn very professionally and uniquely for you. Wayne Tully is the name and look my art gig up on, my username is waynezart.

horror skull drawing service
Part of a horror skull drawing I did in 2014

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #6 - Mermaid Drawing

A true drawing journal is useful to try and explore art you aren't comfortable in creating as you lack the confidence to make it. Here I chose a loose mermaid sketch to try and force myself to draw more of this at a later date. I've drawn stuff like this before and Fairies, but I wasn't entirely happy with the results.

The more I draw a Mermaid though I guess the better they will look in the future. This is only the beginning! Strangely though I did enjoy this rather peaceful Mermaid drawing and wanted to continue adding stuff the background of the drawing, but didn't have the time. I'll update this post with any new Mermaid drawing developments.

mermaid pencil sketch
Tried to make this Mermaid look like She is speeding through the water
with her hair flowing straight back and bubbles and some movement
lines near the tail.
mermaid sketch
The placement of her right hand was going to be holding or touching a Dolphin
but I decided to just show the Mermaid sketch for now, there may be chance to develop
 this and actually finish it.

mermaid draft sketch
A lip smile on the Mermaids face makes the character seem happy
unlike the majority of my other artworks.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #5 - Frost Troll Of Skyrim

The theme is not just skulls I want to draw and focus on the daily sketch journal. And so I am working on other stuff too. This quick illustration was born out of a frustration with me drawing too many skulls at times. I've always liked to draw skulls and I suppose I use it as my pre warm up drawing exercise to try and draw a skull in more of a gesture type style of sketching. I've took a few photos of portions of the quick sketch and an additional head shot.

So the following art is trying to break free of my comfort zone and tackling other subjects that can inspire me further in my artistic journey. And so I chose to practice sketch a Frost Troll from the popular Skyrim game. Of course it is to create a future drawing video to show how to draw the Skyrim creature, but still it's enough of a break from my usual stuff I draw to get into drawing what other people might find good.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #4 - Promarker Neutral Tone Art

The letraset Promarkers are professional art markers for Artists and I used the Neutral tones which are shades of grey to color in this rather old drawing I did with an ink pen last year. The Promarkers are excellent for blending various tones of color together and can be layered upon each other to create vastly different and richer tones.

The ink drawing is of a Demons head (No surprise there!) and I was happy at the end result of this quick colored piece of art. You can also look at the video I did here - Promarker Neutral Tones Art

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #3 - Diseased Skull

Drawing a diseased skull here and I did a short youtube video of me drawing it too. How To Draw A Diseased Skull 

I drew this as another skull variation on the horror skull theme with worms and suggestions of maggots falling out of the diseased looking skull with also some lumpy looking skull portions. Could have done with some flies hanging around the top of the skull, but we can't have everything can we?

Friday, 9 January 2015

Daily Sketch Journal #2 - Horror Skull

I got really carried away with this one, whilst this still remains unfinished as I need to draw in more webs surround the skull and weird Wyrm creature. I used a combination of Pigma Microns and a thicker 0.8 Uni-Pin ink pen and a White gelly roll ink pen for the white out highlights. I also wanted to not really draw in that much solid black areas with thick black markers and so instead I tried to utilize the cross hatching method and some choice scribbles for some kind of illustrative effect.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

How To Draw A Goblin Step By Step

How to draw a Goblin step by step drawing tutorial demonstration. Goblins are very popular in lots of imaginary fantasy worlds that lots of other Artists have created. This tutorial aims to show a small glimpse of a Goblin as a cheeky imp, sort of mischievous.

Here are the basic steps to drawing one possible version of a Goblin. I've tried to spread out the steps and make it easy enough to follow along. (I most certainly will be doing another Goblin drawing tutorial in the future!)

Click each image to see the larger picture.

drawing goblins
Draw a small potato shape for the head of your Goblin

Next, add some ears and eyes

Try and sketch in lightly a good devilish grin on the face

Start to work on the arms and torso of your Goblin

Still sketching lightly for the legs and arms, loosely sketch the hands too

Adding from to the torso and making the shoulders appear clothed with short shirt sleeves

Defining the leg shapes and now lightly sketching in the feet which look like they are in bandages

With the basics of the figure captured we can darken the pencil lines on our Goblin

Your Goblin is beginning to take shape

how to draw goblins
Solidly darkening the feet now

All the pencil drawing stage is complete, take a step back and look at your Goblin

I'm using a Uni-pin 0.1 to ink the lines as this gives a clean crisp ink line

goblin drawing
Start to ink the folds in the Goblins shirt

You'll see that the inking really helps define your drawing even further

Don't forget the feet

Ink the hands last as I always feel like I need to decide if the Goblin is going to hold something,but alas no.

Forgot to ink that cheeky evil grin, I gave the Goblin small sharp teeth

how to draw goblins
A finished Goblin drawing, just erase the pencil lines if you wish