Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How To Draw A Tank

How to draw a Tank. This is a very simple photo guide of me drawing a basic tank from one of my Son's Toy Tanks. I suppose it is useful in that I break down the steps to draw this and whilst not a perfectly drawn Tank, it is an effort of sketching one. Trying to break down any difficult thing to draw is your best bet when drawing this kind of stuff.

Whether it is reference photos or actual Toys, you can really get a good insight into drawing real life objects and vehicles such as this. Follow along or draw it yourself.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mouth Of Shadow Painting

Here is a quick acrylic painting I did entitled Mouth of Shadow. It is a simple idea and one born from the memory of one of my favorite TV shows Babylon 5. The idea of a demonic mouth in the shadow really intrigues me. What do you think?

Shocked Granny Drawing

A shocked Granny drawing, the kind you may find when the Government treats the old folks with disrespect and gets rid of the help that is entitled to elderly people. So when you get old yourself and you haven't built up a considerable fortune or won the lottery, expect to be treated like shit and thrown on the scrap heap.

Then you'll be entitled to have a face like this....

Evil Head Ink Sketches

 The 3 ink sketches here are all one in a drawing I did and then inked it. The process is a fairly straight forward one for inking. Trying to separate the heads with some darker areas is one good technique to help each overlapping element stand out from the mess of ink lines sometimes.

This is a ink sketch for an evilheadz design in my Zazzle store which is a gallery of products you can buy my artwork on t-shirts and other gift ideas. I'm currently creating lots more designs for this Zazzle store as and when I complete them.

Evil head sketch