Monday, 26 April 2010

Recent Drawing Videos From "Fantasy Art Inspirations"

Some recent drawing videos from my youtube channel fantasy art inspirations, it seems that the past week has been a video creation week, so I thought I would highlight some of the videos that I uploaded and see which ones could be of use to you and your fantasy art.

First up I have always wanted to do a how to ink a comic book page, to compliment my other videos on how to layout a comic book page which I did previously by just showing the step by step sketches on each video step.

Watch how to ink a comic book page which just goes through the inking process and progression. There are 4 Videos which show different tages of the page drawing:-

Video 1 Starting to ink the page

Video 2 Inking

Video 3 Continuing the inking

Video 4 Finished inks

And there'll be more drawing comic book stuff, because I am a comic book fan and also creating my own graphic novels too, so I'll put together some good videos on the subject.

Also I did this quick video on a graphic novel project that I am working on....