Thursday, 23 April 2009

Fairy Oil Painting Speed Painting Video

Here is a fairy oil painting video that seems a little overworked but it still ends up looking good with a fairy sat on a mushroom in the mushroom forest.


  1. You have some great stuff on this blog although it looks to me as though the video put you under pressure to do the fairy painting and it didn't turn out to be anywhere near your best work. I'm only judging by the technique on the other pictures here. However, the idea is great as is the entry on writing down ideas. I expect many artists wish they could paint as fast as the video goes. Then they'd be able to supply originals at the daftly low prices many buyers think are reasonable.

  2. Thanks for your comments Keith, I really should have explained that this was someone elses paintwork as the plan was to lead into something of my own, but I forgot to add it...oh well, I'll certainly add it at some point.

    My painting is not bad, but it will improve with experimenting and the inspiring way of the pencil and pad!


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