Monday, 29 August 2011

Sketching A Goat Demon With A 2B Pencil

Drawing a Goat Demon can be tricky but with the right amount of drawing expertise and imagination goes a long way to really sketch out the Demon creature at first hand. As you will see in the following art video, I sketched out loosely the important elements of the demonic creature such as the vaguely designed Goats head as I didn't use any reference for this drawing I just imagined the horns and everything else that a Goat would look like as I've seen real life Goats before and have stored the mental images of these animals.

One of the best things about drawing this design was drawing all of the fire and then deciding on how to Pentagram in the background would look and I suppose the important thing to consider when the art is first drawn is the whole composition of the design, like any unsual aspects like some perspective could be used to add some sort of angle and unique space to the art or whether you are going to draw the whole creature or have some portion of the Demon appear off the page or even covered with fire, much like I've done in the following pencil sketch.

Watch the video for inspiration and how to draw a Goat Demon.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

How To Draw A Toxic Waste Zombie

A toxic waste Zombie sounded quite fun to draw when a YouTube subscriber requested it and it was certainly fun to draw. I created 3 videos for each step and they are as follows:-

Video 1 - The pencil sketch

Trying to draw something from scratch can be quite difficult but I tried to lay it out in easy to follow terms and with a little bit of practice you can draw Zombies like this too. Notice at the beginning of the video I did a diagonal line attached to a circle, this was a simplistic shape reference to try and capture an idea on the paper and luckily it worked this time around.


Video 2 - The Inked Zombie Sketch

This stage it's about creating a more complete drawing by inking over all of the important pencil lines and adding more details. At this point it's about correcting anything that doesn't look right and at the end of the inking stage you can rub out all of those old construction pencil lines which guided you along the way.

Video 3 - Coloring Your Zombie

This was the stage that took longer as it meant coloring in the whole Toxic Zombie drawing, I used Crayola Color pencils to add some color and I tried to make the zombie look rotten and as horrible looking as I could. You may find that color pencils aren't your medium, so anything else will do, felt tips, sharpie markers, paints etc.

At some point I will upload the HD versions of this little drawing video series as they not only look better, they are better to watch. Draw some cool and inspired Zombie drawings and see what comes of it!