Friday, 28 August 2009

Skull Art Inked Drawing Video

A look at a skull art project I started a couple of months ago, although the drawing in the video needs colouring, it just shows the finished inked drawing of all the skulls together, I will update with another video that will show the colour work progression of this drawing.

For now though just take a look at the drawing and see what you can do when drawing some skulls.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Drawing A Random Demon Idea On Video

When I was just drawing and sketching one night I decided to try and draw without the thought of sketching beforehand, just to try and do something on paper that is so simple and just almost spontaneous that it happened there and then, although the drawing is not perfect, but it illustrates a point of just to draw without knowing how it will turn out without a draft sketch.

I did the two videos and uploaded them on youtube and here they are:

And also here:

In the first video I go through drawing the design from scratch and the second is when I inked the drawing, there is no talking, just me drawing the random demon creature....

You can also see the hubpage here with the two videos if you prefer...Drawing A Random Demon Creature on video at youtube

And also another How To Draw A Demon Tutorial too right here!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

How To Draw A Warrior Videos

Over on youtube I did a quick overview of a hubpage article I did about drawing a warrior (And you can find that here - How To Draw A Warrior) and it translated well I think to what I was trying to accomplish in a short time, if you want to see the videos then head on over here with the first part of the video warrior drawing video here
The other 2 parts will be around somewhere on my Youtube Channel, aswell as some new videos I've uploaded recently!


Monday, 3 August 2009

YouTube Test Video Of Me Sketching A Demonic Head

My very first attempt at a quick how to draw a demon head video, I learnt alot on how to do things and to improve when I do some more, but if you have any feedback I would be greatly appreciated.


See some more demon drawing resources here:

Drawing A Demon