Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How To Draw Horror Skull

How to draw a horror skull is a subject that has many variances to the method and the way you try and progress with this cool subject. I for one am a fan of drawing Skulls and always have been. Trying to draw them in the genre of horror is something that I am used to and drawing them in different angles and themes is fun too.

Here is a set of step by step photos you can take a look at and be inspired!

How To Draw Monster Heads

Drawing Monster heads now with some very quick looks at some step by step drawing examples. The idea with most of these posts is that you gain inspiration or you can follow along and draw what I draw here. Whichever way, I hope you find this useful for drawing monster head concepts.

Drawing a monster demon head

Draw a rough circle shape for the head shape

Draw in the eyes and teeth quite loosely

Draw the outline and extra details around the eyes

Draw in some horns and other wrinkle lines and slight shadow

Draw round head shape

Draw the eyes with evil frown lines

Draw the cheek bones and top teeth

Draw bottom teeth and define some of the lower jaw

Draw chin and pencil shade key areas

Pencil shade hard in the mouth

Define the outline of the monster/demon head

Draw smaller dark details and you are done
All artwork featured here is Copyright Wayne Tully 2013

At Work Drawing

Drawing is a peaceful process and I love it....escaping the realities of the normal world....

Birds eye view of me sketching some demonic creature which is usually what I draw most of the time.

Sketching and drawing lots of ideas all at once whilst listening to some inspirational music on Sound Cloud

How To Draw Demon Skull - Video

How to draw demon skull....I've drawn many a Demon Skull and this is more of a concept drawing video which again, you can gain some insight and inspiration to draw your own Demon Skulls through watching this video. I cover the pencil sketching and the inking process in the following video as per usual.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How To Draw Evil Witch Face

Draw another Evil Witch face here with another step by step drawing tutorial which you can follow along at your own pace. This is another sort of a classic design for this Witch's face except I didn't draw the black hat that Witch's usually wear.

Draw the oval shape for the Witch's face

Sktch in some eyes and a nose

Draw the mouth and eyes brows, eye lashes and mark in cheek bones

Draw large pointy ears and darken the jaw line

Draw in some greasy scraggy looking hair

Pencil shade the hair and under the eyes and go over the light pencil lines and darken them

Evil Witch is grinning, but I assure you She is totally Evil!

Monday, 13 May 2013

How To Draw A Demon Clown Face

Drawing a Demonic Clown face step by step with this set of drawings as I went along. This post is an attempt to accompany my other blog post with the video on drawing a Demonic Clown face and this should be seen as an extra alternative drawing tutorial which I hope you also find quite useful.

Step 1 - Draw an oval shape for the head. This is the typical first step in which you can build any face drawing.

Step 2 - Begin to sketch the eyes and the Clowns red nose. Once you have these roughly sketched in lightly you can start to loosely draw other parts of the face.

Step 3 - The mouth makes or breaks your demonic Clowns face, so the more teeth the better. An evil grin or a menacing grin.

Step 4 - Sketch some more loose details around the mouth.

Step 5 - Darken the pencil lines around the eyes and the nose.

Step 6 - Darken the pencil line around the jaw and begin to sketch in the ears (See this on drawing ears)

Step 7 - Inking begins with a nice fine line ink pen. Don't worry about trying the latest greatest and most expensive ink pens, cheap ones work well.

Step 8 - Start inking those evil looking teeth.

Step 9 - A few more carefully inked details, take your time inking your demon clown face.

Step 10 -Start to ink around the face edges, jaw line and ears.

Step 11 - Ink some of the previously pencil sketched details and don't be afraid to add or improve on your original pencil sketch design.

Step 12 - Ink the mouth with cross hatching in which lines of ink are layered over the other to look rather sketchy and arty.