Monday, 28 December 2009

Fantasy Art Zazzle Posters of 2009

Fantasy art posters of 2009 and 2010 and beyond will feature more fantasy art posters by me, so look out for them.

All are available to buy now and you can customize them with framing and other goodies when you view the posters at Zazzle, so you can reduce the price by changing the size of the poster print or specific options, go and check them out!

Digital Monster Art Print
Castle Ruins Digital Photo Poster Print
Wayne Tully Fantasy Art Logo Print

Shadow Demon Poster Print

Demon Head Poster Print

Demonic Art Poster Print

Flaming Skull Inverted Colour Image Poster Print

Grim Reaper Drawing Poster Print

Grim Reaper Art Poster Print

Goblin Art Drawing Poster Print

Zombie Drawing Sketch Poster Print

Fantasy Castle Drawing Poster Print

Evil Witch Art Pen And Ink Poster Print

Fantasy Art Tree Demon Poster Print

Fantasy Castle Drawing Poster Print

Evil Demon Creature Art Poster Print

Demon Art Drawing Poster Print

War Devil Battle Poster Print

Evil Demon Face Poster Print

Original Demon Tree Print

Fantasy Monster Warrior Poster posters

Flaming Demonic Skull Art Poster posters

Demonic Evil Horror Poster posters

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Drawing Wizards

How to draw wizards is another fantasy creation that is fun to learn to draw, the wizards are usually old men in robes with long flowing beards and they look wise and full of wisdom, the trick is to try and approach the way of drawing them as bearded men even though you may want them to not have a beard in your final design, they way I draw them is always with beards and a look of old or ancient times so that I'm feeling that vibe to inspire me to draw the wizards I want, sometimes I may draw a bald wizard or a hairy wizard, it's all about testing your ideas to however you want.

Here is a video on drawing a wizards face that just could show you one potential wizard face variation and there are many you could do to bring your wizard characters to life.

Also you can see the first part of my wizard drawing series at Hubpages where I will cover some interesting variations that you can gain some inspiration from to draw your own wizards

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Boris Vallejo: Fantasy Art Techniques Book

Boris Vallejo, April 2005Image via Wikipedia
The fantasy art techniques book review by Boris Vallejo seems really promising on the outside from the books cover, but then you start to read the inside and it is a thinly disguised promotion of Boris Vallejos artwork, of course there are a few pages of the way the artist works and Vallejos art is brilliant, but I couldn't help to be disappointed with this book when I first got it, although it is an old book now as I've had it for over 8 years and I'm sure it's been around a lot longer.

If you're a fan of Boris Vallejo then this book is a must have if you don't already own it, as there are some useful insights and some early sketches which you see later he paints in his masterful style that is so recognizable in his 30 plus year artistic career.

So the book isn't a total loss as his art is inspiring enough to get by, but if you are looking for top fantasy art techniques like the title of the book leads you to think, then you will be disappointed too.

Good to flick through and get inspired by the art alone.

So this book is 7 out of 10.

Fantasy Art Techniques

Fantasy Art Techniques

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Drawing A Figure Running

When drawing a figure running there are a few things you have to think about first, such as what foot will be coming towards you and what the arms will be doing, so that they look like they are part of the actual running motion, this short video attempts to show you one possible example of a figure running, although it is not an exhaustive run down of a figure running it is useful just for something to practice off and try to perfect your characters in running motions.

Movement in your drawings is so important and it brings them to life when you capture the motion of living characters that interact with their surroundings.

Watch the short video and just practice drawing them running figures:-

Also read the art book review of Drawing Dynamic Figures

Draw A Pirate Skull Quick Video

Drawing Pirate Skulls are fairly easy to draw and especially if you know how to make them look even the smallest bit pirate like and in this case the video just goes through drawing a skull on a side profile and then I simply add a head scarf on the top of the skull and hey presto...instant pirate skull.

The pirate skull can be dressed up in lots of different ways, for instance you could add an eye patch, a pirate hat and even horrible looking greasy hair can be drawn on the skull to make it look like an authentic pirate skull, of course one of the great things what with the Pirates of the carribean is that undead pirates look pretty cool in their pirate costumes and so look for an updated video here with me drawing a full skeleton crew pirate.

But for now, here's the draw a pirate skull video below:-

So if you follow the video, you will be able to draw a pirates skull if you practice what is being drawn right in front of your very eyes, of course you don't have to re-tread all of my steps to draw a pirate skull, you can add other fun stuff to it if you feel it is slightly flat and you can colour it too.

If you are interested in drawing skulls, have you checked out these drawing resources?

Draw Flaming Skull

Draw Skulls Easily