Sunday, 27 January 2008

How To Draw A Demon

See how I draw a simple demon from rough sketch to a finished ink drawing, a simple guide on how to draw a demon from your own imagination.

At the moment I go through the steps to draw a demons head, but I will do the rest when the time allows.

Drawing a demon By Artist Wayne Tully

I'll be updating this resource over the coming months!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Framed And Mounted Demon Art

I always take inspiration from other artists work that I happen to come across online or offline, the amount of detail other artists put into their work is tremendous.

Also the media that other artists work in often reflects the type of art that is created, for me the area of Fantasy Art is the best form of art as you can create allsorts of stuff from your imagination and there are no limits to this at all.

Pictures of diabolical demons and other fantasy art prints can be found online to inspire you further in your art.

Dark Demon Buttons

Demonic art on a range of buttons, all done in a comic book type style, by Wayne Tully.

I'll be updating with more designs in the future, and I'll be adding other creature designs to the Squidoo lens, such as zombies and many more.

Demonic Art Buttons